I’ve missed you, Arc Trainer!

So if you have been following my blog, you will know I had a disastrous run on the treadmill a few weeks back.  I have used one like most people on and off throughout the years.  I just cannot get comfortable on it.  It messes up my stride and I feel like it’s a constant struggle.  I am sure most of this is in my head, but regardless, it just doesn’t work for me.  I actually applaud those people who can use them… it would make my life easier when it is 4 degrees!  

I dragged my ass out of bed this morning with enough time for a snack (banana and half a PB & J sandwich) and a cup of coffee.  I almost talked myself out of the gym 378 times.  Seriously.  I did manage to get in the car and once I started driving the lack of motivation faded away.  I made it to the gym, set up my weights for Body Pump and hopped on the Arc Trainer.  The Arc is the same machine I used to train when I couldn’t run due to impact related injury.  I set it for Interval and 20 minutes of work and started.  I immediately relaxed and started to enjoy it and my music.  In case you aren’t familiar, here is what an Arc Trainer looks like:


It’s tougher to use than an elliptical machine and works both upper and lower legs.  I also tend to not hold on so I force my core to work.  Twenty minutes later, I torched 200 calories (allegedly) and went one mile.  I was off to lift.  Body Pump was great today too… complete with jump squats.  I should feel that later!

Unknown if I will get in a workout tomorrow since I start back to work tonight (overnight).  If so, I will see you all in a few days!


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