Heart rates, trail food, long runs, oh my!


It’s been a few days since I posted, mostly due to work (two days off from running/workouts as usual).  I didn’t sleep as well as I did last week, but would say I have sufficiently recharged.  An additional 8-9 hours of sleep and a few Long Trails should take care of the rest!  I love nights off!

Yesterday, Tony and I ran Northwood for the first time since Christmas Eve.  At that time, we had no snow.  I typically do Northwood (5.5 mile trail loop) in about an hour.  The loop took about an hour and fifteen minutes yesterday.  The snow was a mess, definitely the worst conditions either of us have run in this year.  It was 3 or 4 inches of soft snow.  It went something like this:  step, step, slip, slip, step, ankle twist, step, slip, slip, step…  Not easy to run on at all.  My ankles and calves took a beating!  I wore Tony’s heart rate monitor (gross, he didn’t clean it) for the first time too.  Not to bore you with details, but my heart rate should be around 140 for optimal performance and fat burning (for fuel).  I was in the 160-175 range for most of the run.  I could not get it to settle.  That being said, I get winded easily when I work nights.  It is just a strange phenomenon for me.  My cardio always suffers.  This test run with HR monitor resulted in me starting my search for an HR monitor and reading articles about third shifters and cardiac effects.  That just plain frightened me.  Google it sometime.   Only 7 years to go on this stupid crazy schedule 😦

Today, I ran my long run.  I am really looking forward to these runs each week.  It’s the first time I have made an attempt at scheduling them and keeping some structure.  Plus I have been going out solo.  My partner for today (Katie) was ordered into work so I went out on my own.  I fueled with two fried eggs and a couple of peices of bacon (I know…. bacon… but I love it!).  Yum!  I brought along a Happy Tot baby food pouch which I had about 50 minutes into my run.  I wore my pack (no bladder, my new one is on order) and my handheld water bottle.  For the 26 degree day, I wore my insulated tights, my Kinvara TRs, Under Armour cold gear shirt, Fila hooded short and my new Adidas running jacket.  Topped it off with my winter hat, gloves and Pandora on my phone.  I was ready to GO!!!!!

My route for today took me up Mitchell Road in Nottingham:


This loop contains both dirt roads and pavement.  There was also a huge shoulder in most places so I ran in the dirt.  Here is my stats from Strava:


This run felt awesome.  My goal was to take it slow, integrate walk breaks and a snack and just enjoy the sun.  Mission accomplished!  And I had plenty of gas left.  I actually considered adding a few miles, but was getting hungry.  If I had brought a second snack, I would have done it.  Snuck this in just before a snow storm too!  I may be heading to the gym tomorrow but so pleased I got this in today!


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  1. msmidt
    Jan 23, 2013 @ 14:52:45

    I saw a big group of turkeys while out measuring my long-run route the other day, but when I tried to stop and get a picture, they scurried over the hill. Spending a little time communing with Mother Nature is one of the great benefits of running. 🙂


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