Who needs sand when you have snow?

Pre-run smile!

Before run smile!

I was happily adjusted by the chiro yesterday and happily got lower back relief almost immediately.  I woke up feeling marvelous today.  Unfortunately, my side business needed my attention for tax prep and final book work from 2012 so I spent most of my morning and early afternoon in my office.  After a quick appointment for the horses, I was ready to run.  Eager!  We had just gotten a few inches of snow and there was a break in the weather… just enough time for me to get 2 or so miles in before dark.  I was intended on just going out to loosen up.  I will run more tomorrow before I lift (BodyPump was also re-scheduled due to weather).

I geared up, complete with gaiters:


Ironically enough, I have been wearing my gaiters wrong.  If you know me at all, you will realize this isn’t all that unusual for me!  I had been putting them on with the velcro along the back of my lower leg.  Come to find out, the velcro should be in the front.  The fit wasn’t great before, I but I contributed it the fact I was wearing them with sneakers.  Come to find out when you turn them around, they fit like a glove.  They were super comfortable to run in too!  Go figure.  Here they are with my Speedcross (love these sneakers by the way).  I skipped the YakTrax today because I couldn’t decide if I wanted to do trail or road.

Come to find out I did both!  Started on the road and opted to come back via a trail.  I had to trail blaze a little way to get to my usual trail.  I was calf deep in snow and working for it on the quarter mile stretch to my regular trail.  Once I got through, it was lovely going on the snowmobile trail.  I wish I had brought my light out because I would have stayed out longer.  I will be on the trails tomorrow for sure!

The moral of my story… running in the snow is like running in deep sand.  Holy hard and rewarding!  Bring it on 2013!


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  2. Mind Margins/Run Nature
    Jan 17, 2013 @ 19:42:30

    Sounds like so much fun. We rarely have snow, but when we do I love to go for a run!


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