A little of this and a little of that

I finished last week with 15 miles under my belt.  Not a bad week as far as increasing mileage.  The week before was 13 miles.  I would have done a few more, but I weighed out the benefit of sleep vs. running and decided getting good rest was more important in this first week of shift change.  I went out on Monday and ran a wonderful 6 miles in 55 degree weather.  It was sunny and amazing.  I was even sweating!!!  Here is my Strava screenshot:


This run represented both running and walking.  I have started the process of training my legs to accept walk breaks.  In trail races, especially marathons and ultras, aid stations are a place to refuel, refill water and make equipment adjustments and changes.  There is no way to simply run through the whole way without stopping.  I know many road runners who cannot stop during a run.  I have experienced the “lead” feeling when stopping for a few minutes and starting again.  I am hoping to train my legs and body to start and stop.  I did pretty well yesterday with 1-2 minute walk breaks scattered throughout.  There are entire training programs, such as Jeff Galloway’s plans, built around walking and running.  I am not looking to take it to that extreme, but I am looking to be comfortable with stopping and starting!

I am also pleased to announce I officially registered for the following:

– Holy Grail 5k (March): this race is a traditional pavement 5K and it was a blast last year.  Good, free beer after too!

– Chief Maloney Unity Run (5.7 miles/April):  this is race celebrates and commemorates the life of our dear friend.

– Pineland Running Festival 25K (May):  first step in the big races!

– Bear Brook Marathon (July):  here we go!!!

– Vulcan’s Fury (12 mile trail race/October)

I’m still waiting for the Vermont 50K registration to open.  Once it does, I’m in!

I went to the chiropractor tonight for lingering lower back discomfort.  It was adjusted and Dr. Will said it didn’t look too scary!  I need to get better about seeing him for maintenance.  I did not run today but will be going to BodyPump tomorrow AM and doing a snow run with my running partner, Tony (aka Fish Stick).  I swear I am going to come up for my own name for him by the end of this year.  I plan on running throughout the week and have another long run (6.5 miles+) planned for next Monday.  That’s about it for now!


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  1. nomeatbarefeet
    Mar 16, 2013 @ 12:29:44

    I see that you are gonna run the Vermont 50k. awesome! I ran it last year, my first 50k, and it was a blast. Good luck. I would love to hear how it goes.


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