My head is spinning a little this morning.  I have to work tonight (10pm-6am).  It’s my first midnight in this rotation and that means I am already stressing about not getting enough sleep today.  I got about 10 hours last night.  My tactic is to front load sleep and hope I can make it through the first night.  I suck as napping so I don’t know that I will actually sleep anymore today.

So that leaves the question – what to do today?  I have an appointment at 2pm but other than that my day is open.  I ran yesterday (2 miles) before I went to the gym for BodyPump.  I went lighter on my weights since I haven’t been in awhile.  My legs are a little sore this morning, but I think a run will do them some good.   My run yesterday was uncomfortable.  I blame it on the massage.  I have been told it is fine to run the day after a massage, but I don’t think I agree.  I always have a really rough time getting going again.  I will need to track my progress relating to rest days and massages as it correlates to workouts.

My options for today are:

– Hayes Road:  My route to Hayes rolls a little and then Hayes rolls a little.  Very pretty, very light on traffic and lots of sunshine (3 miles+)

– Route 4/Route 155 loop:  This ends coming up the hills on Snell Road (4 miles)

– Trails (2+ miles)

– Find a new route altogether

I have no idea how many miles I want to do either.  Maybe 2, maybe 4?  Depends on my mood and legs when I get started.  Overall, I am just a little ambivalent today!  I need to get a workout in today in the event I am too exhausted to do anything tomorrow and the day after.  My schedule is as follows:

Day 1 – 10pm-6am

Day 2- 10pm-6am

Day 3 – 5pm-1am (Day 3 is actually the same as Day 2, I get out at 6am and have to be back to work in 11 hours)

Day 4 – 5pm-1am

Working out on Day 3 is out of the question.  NO WAY.  Day 2 is questionable. If I sleep enough, then I can pull it off.  Day 1, Day 4 and my two days off should be fine for workouts.  Anything else I get is a bonus.  I would like to extend my long runs to 7-8 miles in the next month before I start the 25K training plan in mid/late February (I will post that sometime soon).  Pineland is at the end of May and my first long race of the year 🙂


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