I love this mantra.  So true!  Not only did it change my outlook on running in general, but it has inspired a lifestyle change.  I used to run simply for fitness.  I would feel like a slug so I would find a way to run for a few months, shed some weight and then succumb to my injuries.  A year later the cycle would start all over again.

Trail running is different.  My recovery time is nil.  My injuries don’t exist.  And every run is a new experience  no matter how many times I have run the same trail.  Trail running keeps me excited about the challenges ahead.  It’s hard, but rewarding and constantly testing my fortitude.

Good news for me this week!  I am down two pounds (to 132)!  I decided to try and find some comparison photos of the past 18 months.  I started this new journey in mid July 2011.  This is what I looked like:


And here I am in October 2012.


I really wish I had the foresight to take actual photos and measurements to document this journey.  These photos to help show how far this journey has taken me.  The first picture was taken the week I started my workouts and the last one was at the Vulcan this fall.  Even just uploading these pictures one on top of the other made me realize how much stronger I have become.  I really am proud of my body and dedication.  I never want to go back to feeling weak and winded.  My job and my life depend on me being healthy and strong!

Well, today is my rest day.  I ran 5 miles on the yesterday on what was suppose to be my rest day.  I woke up wanting to run!  It felt amazing and I feel good today.  I am off for my massage.  Much needed massage.  Body pump and 2 miles are on the agenda for tomorrow.  Time to start lifting 1-2 times a week again!


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  1. Fishstick
    Jan 09, 2013 @ 16:50:41

    Is that Charlie Sheen on the boat behind you?


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