In Training…


I had a spectacularly comfortable run today.  It was intended to be a short 2 mile run just to try out the metronome I downloaded.  Instead, I started exploring a new trail and belted out 3.5 miles.  I would have went further if it wasn’t for sore feet.  The snow was beautiful today, but the top of the snowmobile tracks was melting just enough to make it like running in sand.  My feet sunk slightly with each step making each one that much more work.  My feet were sore equally and not in any one specific location.  All good news.  I have also been doing something almost every day since last Wednesday… without any major complaints.  The weather was lovely and I was able to run in my Saucony long sleeve tech shirt and 3/4 length running capris.  I also had on my Speedcross with my YakTrax too:


Not a great picture, but you get the idea.  I think these contribute a little but to the soreness, but they are so worth it in the snow!

On to the metronome.  I had it set at 180 bpm.  At first, I found it annoying, but quickly became used to it’s sound.  I found if I swing my arms in beat my legs follow.  My focus is on light footfalls with a midfoot strike and high cadence.  I probably should have just tried this on the road for the first time, but I really wanted to be in the woods today.  More on metronome training to come.

Tomorrow is my rest day!  I know I am going to wake up and want to do something, but my quads need a break.  Rolling and stretching following by one more shift.  I need more sleep!  I slept like crap last night (3am-8:30am due to shift change).  I have a Sharper Image white noise alarm clock on the way to try.  I love sleeping during the day with the air conditioner, but since it’s winter that ain’t happening!  Hopefully this will have a sound that will soothe me like the A running.

I also ordered a bottle of Hammer Nutrition’s Rem Caps.  Sleep is so important, especially if I am going to continue training while on mids.  I really like their Tissue Rejuventor so far (no ibuprofen since I started taking 2 caps a day!) so I am hoping their Rem treats me well.  I have a hard time staying asleep because my brain has so much going on.  Here is hoping this helps!

Next run should be Thursday.  Unsure if I will fly solo or link up with Tony for this one.  Depends on schedules!


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  1. Fishstick
    Jan 08, 2013 @ 12:09:19

    One thing I do with the metronome..once you get used to it I play it over the speakers. This way you only hear it when you are out of step. Otherwise your foot hitting the ground tends to drown out the tick tick. Great pics!


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