How I loathe the treadmill….


I woke up feeling blah yesterday morning… it was also 3:15am when my alarm went off.  I had to be at work for 5:00 am and was scheduled for an 11 hour day.  See, I told you my schedule was brutal!  I still packed by gear and hopped on the treadmill after work.  It was about 20 degrees out with a wind (I work near the beach) so I figured indoors was safer.  Within a half mile I regretted that decision.  Should have just went outside.

Something about the treadmill makes me run awkwardly.  It changes my stride and things hurt that never hurt.  Such as a right ankle and left knee.  WTH.  So, I pushed out 2.1 miles and quit.  I won’t be doing that again! It took me 25 minutes to complete that!  I did my PR 5K in 25:44 in November.  I still run faster than that on the snow!!!!  Outdoors only or a class if I really can’t run due to weather.  For instance, it is zero degrees out right now with a high of 18 degrees predicted for today.  I will be heading to Body Pump this afternoon.

Workouts planned for the rest of the week:

Friday – 2+ miles outside

Saturday – Mt. Major (8 miles of power hiking/running)

Sunday – 3 miles snowshoeing


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  1. karen
    Jan 10, 2013 @ 00:08:32

    not that I run fast anyway, but my time is always slower on the treadmill too… 12 minute miles …


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