Happy New Year 2013


In traditional style, we rang in the new year with a wild party.  It’s my one night a year to get wild, eat like a monster and play silly games. And yup, I hurt today 😀  I did manage a 4 mile run on the snowmobile trails yesterday morning.  I wore my Speedcross with a set of YakTrax run cleats.  Awesome.  And so hard.  A great work out.  Wore my pack (more pack love) and practiced stepping light so I wouldn’t crash through the snow tracks.

There is a movement to run 1,000 miles this year.  Both Katie and Tony are in so I figured why the hell not.  I can try.  This means 83.3333333333 miles a month.  Seriously.  Or 84 to keep it simple.  Seems high, but was consistently doing 50 miles+ a month near the end of this year so I can do this!  I was actually thinking of setting a 2 mile a day goal to get 60 miles out of the way.  Not entirely realistic given my ridiculous schedule, but I am going to give it a shot.  That leaves me with 24 miles to make up.  In reality, it’s 4 times at Northwood.  When you break it down like that, it seems so simple!!!  I broke 500 this year and that was with starting my year in late March with short runs (2 or so miles).
So here we go, my effort to hit 1,000 miles.  Starting tomorrow!


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