What a fabulous day for snowshoeing!  I will admit it, I thought it was a tad too cold when we started.  The wind was whipping!  Combined with 24 degree temps and partial sunshine… brrrr!  I did, however, have enough layers and warmed up quickly.  This was my first workout since Christmas Eve due to a cold I have been battling.  My energy level has been terrible all week and my face literally hurt!

If I counted correctly, there were 10 of that went out this morning (plus 2 more and their kids!).  There were quite a few other people out on the trails at Kingman Farm, but it was spaced enough to be enjoyable.  I finally got my snowshoes out of storage.  They are Atlas 1222 circa 2003.  They were bought for me by an ex-boyfriend.  Some girls have jewelry from previous relationships… I have copious amounts of outdoor wear.  To this day, I still wear my windblock fleece vest and my Marmot shell he bought me all the time!  Thanks buddy!  Once I strapped into my snow shoes (wore my speedcross) I immediately fell back in love.  What an enjoyable 2.5+ miles.  I felt great, worked just hard enough to get warm and cannot wait to do it again!!!!

I also wore my Wink again.  Worked great, no leak today (huh?).  I noticed the hose was fine as long as I sipped every ten minutes or so.  It was able to hold up to the cold, but the line and valve would start to freeze up if not used.  Better than I expected though as far as usability in the cold!  I really do love that pack.

I am considering running the Kingman snowshoe 5K (moonlight) in February.  This will give me a goal to work for!  I need to the follow equipment:

– windblock/water-resistant pants

– Gaiters

Run planned for tomorrow on the snowmobile trails!  Happy New Year to all… it’s going to be a fabulous 2013 for fitness, running and adventures 🙂


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