Feeling good!

I made it to the gym three times last week!

Tuesday – Combat

Wednesday – Body Pump

Thursday – 5 mile run (more on this in a minute!)

Saturday – Boot Camp

I also started Hammer’s Tissue Rejuvenator this week.  It is essentially a joint supplement with some herbal anti-inflammatory support.  While I am a “review” shopper, I don’t generally believe everything I read about food/supplements.  This one does have 5 stars across the board though so I will be curious as to how I feel about it.  Recommended dosage is 1-2 capsules a day for maintenance or 4 for injury/training support.  I am starting with 2 capsules and will see how that does.  No major complaints this week.  Legs feel good.

So on Thursday, Tony and I went for a run at College Woods.  This was my first run in over a week.  I went out in my Kinvara TRs not expecting much.  Guess what?  Ran an average 10:30 pace!  Legs felt good (tired, little tight at left knee… didn’t stop me).  And I felt great the next day.  This was a confidence booster for me since my training is transitioned to inside work.  It re-enforced that mountain climbers, stairs, jumping jacks, step work, kicks, punches, and lifting are helping my overall fitness level.  I leave classes soaked and satisfied that I am working my whole body and my heart.  Ultimately, I hope this helps me become an ultra marathoner.  I need a strong base for this coming spring!

Today we have a Northwood run planned.  Still not sure if I will take the Speedcross out.  I feel like I should since they need some more miles and we are planning Mt. Major in two weeks.  I am also thinking I am testing my Ultimate Direction Wink Pack too ( http://www.ultimatedirection.com/p-594-wink.aspx).  Look for the review of that run!


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