Cross training is where it’s at… when it’s crappy out


It’s been a week since I have run.  My last run was #100, it was terrible.  Since then, I have attended a boot camp class and a Body Combat class.  I have a little guilt associated with not running, but my interest in classes has been completely renewed considering it’s done nothing but rain and snow for the last week.  I have read various articles about breaking from running.  The theory is to give your body a break so you come back revived and strong.  One author once said he doesn’t start running again until it’s all he can think about and can’t stand to stay away any longer.  I don’t think I quite feel that way about a break, but I am happy to see my feet heal (on and off blisters for months) and my legs feel good and not overly fatigued.

For now, I am hitting the gym as often as I can.  In a perfect world, I will get there three days a week and run 2 days for the winter.

On a side note, I was the cool kid that flew across the floor 30 seconds into class today!  We were doing a side shuffle maneuver as a WARM up and the sole of my sneaker stuck.  I went flying right, almost took Amanda out and landed with my right hand first.  The heel of my palm struck hard.  Still stings a bit but I will survive.  What a moron!

Goal for the next two-three weeks:  I would like to shed 2-3 pounds.  I am at 134 (5 pounds heavier than I was when I was running constantly).  I would like to shave that back down.  I have started to create paleo style meals and will start watching portions again… with obviously cheats here and there!


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