I’m falling apart!

North Hampton

What should have been a fantastic run was absolute crap.  But I got a great photo!  My plan was a 5.6 mile loop starting at Causeway Road in Rye and heading into North Hampton along Oean Blvd.  From there my loop would take me onto Atlantic Ave., through side streets and back to the beach.  The sun was shining, it was 45 degrees and I was dressed lightly rocking out to my “power lifting” station on Pandora.  Ahhh, amazing late fall/early winter day.

My calves however did not enjoy the nice day.  They were uncomfortable.  Then around mile 3 they started to spasm.  I tried walking.  I tried stopping.  Ironically it was more comfortable to run.  My splits were insane… 8:23, 10:35, 9:17 and 7:49.  And that was with multiple walk breaks.  I was apparently running like a nut.  I finished 4.1 miles in under 40 minutes.  That is fast for me.  No wonder my calves actually started to spasm.  What is wrong with me?  You used to be able to set your watch and garmin to me.  I was as steady a pacer as you could ask for.  Now I am a psycho.

I have run once since last Friday’s Vulcan.  That run was just under 3 miles and felt awesome.  Only issue there was not getting my breathing right.  Today my breathing was AWESOME and I was so uncomfortable.  Good news is no hip, quad or foot pain.  The issues I had from the Vulcan did not linger.  But my calves are begging for a little rest.  I was going to lift tomorrow, combat Thursday and Boot Camp Saturday, but I am rethinking that plan especially since Mt. Major is next week.

On a related note, I bought my long distance pack!  The Ultimate Direction Wink pack for women:

WinkThis pack has amazing reviews from runners and run bloggers.  I am SO excited.  My camelbak was a PITA to run with so this should be a huge improvement.  Look forward to a review on this after Mt. Major.

So the moral of today’s story…. rest when your body screams for mercy.  There is always tomorrow.  Or rather the next day after I rest.  And stretch.


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