Who knows….

This week has been a fairly light week for workouts.  I had a spectacular run at Northwood last Saturday in the snow.  I ran the entire length of FU hill, only to rest for about 200 yards.  This summer I could barely run any of it!!!

Yesterday, my new shoes came in.  I ordered the Salomon Speedcross 3 for winter and mountain running.

Salomon Speedcross 3

I am loving the fit.  They are super comfortable and padded on the inside. They are a 9mm drop vs. the 3mm I have been running in with the Kinvara TR.  The shoe is also substantially bigger overall.

Last night I took them out for a 4.5 mile spin.  Tony and I both had somewhat crappy runs for different reasons.  My calves were sore for the first two miles and by the time they finally gave up and loosened they were exhausted.  My feet felt a little strained about 2 miles in so I loosened my laces and that helped a lot.  This morning, the inside of my legs are sore equally down low just above my ankles.  I used to get this pain when I ran on the road exclusively.  I am hoping it is just the body’s reaction to this new shoe.

We have a 11.5 Vulcan repeat scheduled for Friday.  Weather is suppose to be perfect (low 40s and sunny).  I am planning on starting the run in my Kinvaras then switching to these.  My expectations are low.

Goals for the next few weeks:

–  Maintain 2-3 runs a week

–  Track runs to focus exclusively on stride reform

–  Cross train!

I’m a little discouraged this AM, but eager to try the Speedcross again soon!  With every new workout comes new pain!  Happens with the gym classes and running.  My body does adapt though so I am hopefully it’s just a little more growing pains on my journey to ultras.


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