I’m in serious mental panic mode right now.

I have a about 6 months of serious consistent running under my belt and I am in my first “break.”  Yes, I have rested before (a few weeks mid June-early July) but this is my first break after being able to run distance.  And I am freaking out.

My workouts for 11/19-25 were as follows (some of this is repeated from my last post)

11/19 4.8 miles UNH college woods

11/20 Combat

11/21 3.5 miles SSC

11/22 Rest

11/23 Rest

11/24 Boot Camp

11/25 Rest

I had fully intended to run on 11/25 (Sunday) but my legs were tired and I was tired.  I am currently working 6am-2pm and getting up at 4:15 am sometimes kicks my butt even with 8 hours of sleep.  I’m trying to listen to my body.  It’s a mental battle.  I am also trying to cross train to get my body stronger.  I have the following goals in mind:

– Build lower body strength

– Build core strength

– Increase endurance at high output activity

We have two training events planned for December.  The first is a repeat of the Vulcan Fury on 12/7 and the second is Mt. Major on 12/18.  Both will be done regardless of snow conditions.  We are also planning a hill race on 01/26 at Black Mountain in Jackson.  This is an organized 2.5 run up the mountain and back down.  I am planning on using my trail sneakers and YakTrax for this event.  Stay tuned for updates on our winter training and races!


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