Wrap up of the last few weeks…

I ended up taking a break from blogging due to the tragic death of a friend and colleague that occurred on 04/12.  I continued my runs, but with all that was going on, blogging was not a priority.

I am feeling better and continuing to make progress so here is a quick wrap up of where I have been and how it’s been going!  Thanks to Runkeeper (which is not always reliable, but very close) I have been able to keep track of my mileage.

So far, April is my highest mileage month!  Currently at 28.5 and it isn’t over yet!

Seacoast Science Center Whale of a Tail 5k (04/21):  What a great time!  I loved the course, loved hanging out with Team Fish Fry and I’m especially proud of my time!  I finished in 28:44 (19 seconds slower than my road time for the Grail… I’m definitely faster since this entire course was on nasty trails and up and down bunkers!).  I was 23/98 and my pace was 9:19.  Not too shabby!

Runner’s Alley 10k group:  Also due to the tragedy, I missed some of the group runs.  My last two runs were 04/17 and 04/24.  My stats on those runs were as follows –

04/17: Ran with the group and Tony… we chatted the whole time.  Near the end he was accusing me of running off and not being able to keep up.  He’s full of crap in his speedy Newtons!  He did point out that my cadence is good, my footfalls are quiet and my body is actually leaning and arms moving in a way that helps me pick up speed.  This was a 3.03 mile run, overall pace was 10:15, my last split was 7:54.  I get faster with each passing mile.

04/24: I treated this as a stretch out run following two days off since the 5K and I had been in class for two full days.  I had some calf stiffness to start but nothing major.  I stayed with Tony and Lise for most of the run and went off on my own for the last 3/4 mile.  My final split was 7:12!!!!  Seriously?  And it doesn’t even feel like I am trying that hard.  This really is starting to get better for me.  I keep getting that “high” and it’s thrilling!

We are running again on 04/26 with the group and are scheduled for a 4 mile loop out to Little Harbor Road.  I am following that up on 04/29 with a 5.5 mile benefit run for Chief Maloney.  I am not sure what approach I will take with that yet.  I’d love to try to run the whole thing, but I want to hang with friends too.  I have to strike a balance.  Hoping to pace Scott for the whole run.  Tony and Steve (aka Calamari) will probably run ahead and keep coming back to check on us.  Can I do it?  Can I run the whole thing???  If so, the 10K will be easy… wish me luck!  I’ll check back in soon!


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