Maybe riding and running don’t mix?

On Sunday, Amanda and I tacked up our boys and went out for our first spring trail ride.  Tiki had injured a major tendon in his right front leg in March 2011 and was laid up for most of last year.  I had gotten limited ride time in from August 2010 when he came home until his injury, but the thing I loved about him was his floaty running walk and rocking horse canter.  When we did get him back under saddle last fall, he had some stiffness and his running walk was a little awkward.

The winter off did him wonders!  He was right back to moving out beautifully at the running walk.  He loves to flag his tail and curl his neck.  We call this “parade pony!”  We took a leisurely half hour ride through the field and conservation land… being back in the saddle was a wonderful feeling!

Then I came home and went out for a run almost right away.  I was ready to quit 3/4 of a mile out.  My calves were screaming and spasming.  Sadly, my run from last Thursday was not repeated.  I suffered through the 2 miles and came home to immediately rest my legs.  I iced and within an hour, my calves felt normal again.  I have to believe the cool weather combined with riding (for those that don’t ride, proper form and balance includes sinking the heels down with the stirrup under the ball of your foot) wrecked havoc on my poor calves.  This form is so natural to me and considering my lower legs would have been in the position for a solid half hour, I think it was just too much.

So, for now anyway, I will ride and run separately.  I can probably get away with running first!

Tomorrow starts week 3 of the 10K group with a 3 mile run for tomorrow night.  Fingers crossed my legs feel better.  I stretched and worked everything at Body Pump this morning without any issues.

Stay tuned for a recap of tomorrow’s run!


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